15 Common Problems Of Being A Black Person

15 Common Problems Of Being A Black Person

So I was in a class and my lecturer was teaching about African and of course the modern African political thoughts, that he began to mention lots of things about Africa and then relate it to being black because when we talk of African, the first place the minds goes is ‘the black people’ even though Egyptians are not black.

15 Common Problems Of Being A Black Person

However, on his teachings, he was able to point out some of the common problems of being a black person including some of those problems challenges black people face in their daily life just because they are black.

Blacks Are Regarded As Darkness

This is one of those common problems of being a black person. When I was writing on the Modern African Political Thoughts, I was able to point out that even till today, there are some writers and some individuals that regards a black person as darkness. Lets take Africa for example, some scholars stated that Africa have no history, it was a total darkness and it was even the whitemen that brought the light that illuminates within them. If you can say this, that means you definitely takes all the blacks in Africa as darkness therefore making it to become one of those common problems of being a black person.

Blacks Are Regarded As Nuisance

Have you ever wondered how this name ‘Blackmail’ and other negative words that begins with ‘black’ came about? That could be because of the fact that blacks are regarded as a nuisance wherever they are. They constitute trouble and as a result must be thoroughly checked and courteous when dealing with a black person. This idea have definitely turned to a common problem of being a black person.


You know I can’t talk about the common problem of being a black person without talking about the number one problem black people face all over the world. It is racism. The idea of ‘ I am white and you are blacks’ is a huge problem black people face almost everyday of their lives especially those living among whites. Racism as a matter of facts went too far in South Africa about some years back to the extent of having apartheid in sportsĀ  and Church in south Africa. Thanks to Nelson Mandela’s role against Apartheid in South Africa which helped the stop the racial segregation that happened in South Africa. But the big question is, Has racial segregation or discrimination been totally eliminated in South Africa? As long as racial discrimination exists, it will continue to be a thorn in the flesh on every black person especially those living among whites.

White Person Tries To Bring A Black Person Down

This is the same idea of superiority. Because I am white, I am superior to you and as a result you should’t be ahead of me. Have you wondered why? It is because of that consciousness in every white man that blacks are more stronger than them.

Black Person Doesn’t Want To Know

Blacks don’t like themselves. They don’t do much to improve themselves. It is a common problem of being a black person. Have you ever asked the question of why white men has everything better than blacks especially those in Africa? Should we mention schools, hospitals, technology etc. In black schools for example, lectures takes money from student just to pass them. Some even goes to the extent of of having se*ual intercourse with them . Tell me how black men are going to improve if they continue to. It is only among blacks especially those in Africa that you will see one person ruling for almost his life time even when they are running a federal system of government under democracy.

A Black Person With Struggle

Blackmen have always been struggling. Struggling can come in different ways like struggling to be accepted or approved, struggling to be found worthy etc. But the question is how far has this struggle led a black person to? I don’t mean one should not struggle because things might not come so easily but the is the struggle paying us?

However, there are many other common problems of being a black person which every black person has faced in his or her lifetime but we should cultivate a means through which we come out of the problem.

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