18 Reasons Why We Study Social Studies

18 Reasons Why We Study Social Studies: The study of social studies has become one of the major subject done in secondary or junior high school. I remember doing social studies during my days in secondary school and it was one of the best subject I liked when I was in secondary school.

Social studies cut across and draw upon knowledge from diverse disciplines such as Sociology, Geography, Archaeology, History and Culture. Civic rights, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, politics, Science and Technology and Human Psychiatry and Philosophy. From these pool of knowledge, man hopes to find solutions to the problems of living in the family, religious crises, resource management, sanitation, pollution, unemployment: income distribution, transportation and communication.

However, social studies can be seen as a subject in relation to man’s develpment and survival in his environment. Its content is basically problem-oriented and consequently the subject has to be taught by means of problem solving method, among others.

What Is The Meaning Of Social Studies?

Social studies refers to the study of man in his social and physical environment. Social studies is a programme of study that is used to teach student the knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions of Man. It consideres the relationship among human beings.

18 Reasons Why We Study Social Studies

Reasons why we study social studies is the same thing as the importance of social studies and objectives of social studies. So don’t get confused about it. Whether its importance of social studies or objectives of social studies or reason why we study social studies in school, they all have the same answer which is listed and explained below.

Social studies helps students to be a better citizens of their country. There are certain things a child should know, though formal education starts with the parents of the child when the child is still very little before he is exposed to the world. The parents helps the child to understand the world he or she has been born to, teaching him or her the basic customs and believes he or she is supposed to know then when the child starts school, he or she will be exposed to subjects or courses as the case may be that will help the child become the better citizen he or she ought to be and social studies is one of those subjects.

Another reason why we study social studies is for us to know the world we are into. The truth is, the world is changing, everyday things are changing, therefore, Students through social studies studies are being taught about the world they are into and how complex it is and how they should live in it to be a good citizens.

When we talk of values, beliefs and customs; these factors are very important in the society at large and through social studies, students are exposed to those customs and norms of the society. That is the reason why we study social studies.

  • Social studies help us to understand, analyze and interpret our environment physical and social.
  • Social studies enables us to study the society and find ways of resolving conflicts.
  • Social studies focus on how to make the society crime free, harmonious and more peaceful.

Social studies equip us with the knowledge and skills of good habits, attitudes and social behaviour which will enable us to live with other people better by accommodating their views and cultural differences.

Through the study of social studies. other people’s culture is being studied. The studies of other people’s culture enables us to appreciate their value and worth thereby reducing or eliminating ethnic bias, tension, nepotism and apartheid hence making the world a better place to live in. Wars can therefore be prevented.

  • Social studies increase or enhance our patriotism, sense of civic responsibility and objective fellowership.
  • Social studies highlight the good qualities of leaders and good citizens.

Social studies encourage national integration and cultural harmony in our country and the world at large. This is particularly true of Nigeria with over 200 ethnic groups who live peacefully with one another.

Social studies help us to identify and exploit our national human and natural resources. Conversations of resources is also emphasized by social studies.

Social studies helps us to do more planning, planning the physical environment and relating population growth to available natural resources.

  • Knowledge of social studies helps in planning educational, health, recreational and other institutional facilities.
  • Social studies can help in the vital areas of population control and women education.

Knowledge of cultural laws, marriage regulations and religious beliefs helps to regulate the conduct of all men in the society hence create a better lawful and peaceful society.

Social studies deals with basic social and economic needs of man. Personal management requires an understanding of man’s need and this entails knowledge of pyschology. We should be able to know through social studies, why people work (advancement, personal growth, self fulfilment on the job, recognition of worth etc). This knowledge will help to improve the workers’ perfomance.

Through social studies, we learn differences in cultures. Some people may like cocoa very well while others dislike cocoa. Some eat snake while some doesn’t. What is delicacy in one culture maybe repugnant in another culture. These value judgement are not innate or inborn, rather, they are acquired.

Each culture supplies the standard and orientation which her people follow and they are closely related to the requirements of the society. To understand a person’s behaviour therefore, we must understand his cultural background. One’s sense of what is right or wrong is violent and non violent, depends on his cultural background.

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