5 Reasons Why Iceland Lost 2-0 To Nigeria


5 Reasons Why Iceland Lost 2-0 To Nigeria

Match between Nigeria v Iceland is over and Iceland Lost 2-0 To Nigeria. Therefore on this post, I will be telling you at least 5 reasons why Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigeria.

The match between Iceland v Nigeria was part of the on going world cup right now with Iceland and Nigeria falling on group D. However, it is already clear that Nigeria won the match with Musa scoring both goals for his country. But it didn’t just end there, there are about other 5 reasons why Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigeria. They are:

5 Reasons Why Iceland Lost 2-0 To Nigeria

1. Weather and Nature: Weather and nature worked against the players from Iceland. It was so hot in Russia yesterday that it affected players from Iceland. Even their coach Heimir Hallgrimsson acknowledged it. He was therefore not disappointed on his team because, he noticed how hot Russia was on the day of the match. It was so hot so if affected their players a lot.

I don’t know if this is just an excuse by their coach not to make his players look bad but you never can tell, geography especially climatic condition of a place plays a very important role in the life of those there. You might not be able to perform well if you have never been exposed to a hot sun before and if this is true that the weather really affected the players, then its a pity. Its just nature,

2. Shaku Shaku Dance: You know since the beginning of the world cup in Russia, Nigerian players have really been practicing this shaku shaku dance hoping to dance it in Russia. But for you to be able to dance. You have to at least score a goal, Nigeria lost the first match and was not able to fulfill that wish of dancing but they struggled to do it with the Iceland team. Though when Musa scored twice, I was watching to see if any one of them will dance shaku shaku, I didn’t see it, maybe they are reserving it for the next match or maybe to dance it after they have won the world cup 2018.

3. Gylfi Sigurdsson Penalty Miss: Missing that penalty was a huge blow to Iceland. They had bestowed their hope Gylfi Sigurdsson and he missed the penalty. Iceland not just the coach knows Gylfi Sigurdsson to be that players that plays with his heart. Of course, he is a great player, but Gylfi Sigurdsson missing the penalty is another reason why Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigeria. Maybe the weather also affected him too

4. Nigerian Players Determination: Nigerian players after losing their first match was greatly insulted and not just that humiliated by not just other African countries but by Nigerians. There is no name on earth that Nigerians didn’t call them, names like Aseobi boys, fashion boys etc. I mean what would have happened if they had lost this match. Even the president of the Nigeria had to add more money to them to motivated them to win. You know Nigerians loves money a lot. No matter how much you have, you will still do wonders if more is given to you.

5. New Jersey: Maybe you didn’t see but I saw it. Yes ooo I saw it. That Jersey is a spark. I think it had a lot to do with their winning too. It’s a new jersey.

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 Those are the 5 reasons why Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigerian despite how they have planned and prepared for the match. If you know any other reasons why Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigerian, please drop it on the comment box below.

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