8 Methods Of Studying Social Studies


8 Methods Of Studying Social Studies: The definition of social studies just like the method of studying social studies can be in various ways. Social studies can be referred as the study of man in his social and physical environment. It can as well be defined as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions of man. Social studies considers the relationships among human beings.

Social Studies focus on man, the physical environment and his development if skills and technology to make the earth a better home. In the same way, the child is expected to learn some vital information related to the family life. The family is the basic unit of the society. Therefore, the organizational structure of the family, social roles, occupations, family, history etc. should be studied.

Methods Of Studying Social Studies

There are various methods of studying social studies. On this post, I will be telling you the valid 8 Methods Of Studying Social Studies in school and anywhere else.

Observation Method

Through observation in real-life situation we are able to acquire knowledge for social studies, For instance, we could visit families to study the nature and type of socialization taking place there. We can also visit the family to study living together in the family while we can visit a school to study accidents in school or how members of the school community are playing their roles.

Excursion Method

In excursion, researchers or students are led by their leader or teacher from the school to visit places or sites outside the school to study social problems such as effect of cultism, peace and conflict, accidents in the work places, drug abuse punishments and consequences of drug addition.

Interview Method

This method involves interviewing peoples about their view or feelings concerning social problems such as Girl child education, or poor funding of public schools in the locality. Their views or responses are collected and analysed to provide answers or clues to the identified research problem.

Enquiry Method

Here, scientific method is used to find out the solutions to given social problems such as examination malpractices or cultism. Questionnaires are printed and distributed to respondent and the information or data is computed and analysed to reach conclusions. Recommendations are also provided by the researcher at the end of enquiry.

Classroom Project

Here, the teacher gives a research topic to students in the class and ask them to provide answers. This method is called classroom project. Example is asking students in a class which may be divided into four or more groups to find out ‘Problems of Being a Black Person, common dresses in Nigeria and even common hairstyles or types of foods in different culture in Nigeria.

Discussion Method

In discussion method, the teacher or facilitator divides the class into groups each group with leader. Each group is given a topic and the leader is asked to do a presentation before the entire class. The teacher directs the students at intervals. Through discussions, the student learn more from other students. The teacher equally gain knowledge from the students.

Assignment Method

In assignment methods, students are divided into groups and each group is given an assignment. This can also be individualized as each student is given an assignment to do in the school, or from home. Students could be asked to list and explain ‘Reasons why we study social studies. They can be asked to do a presentation on  Education in Jamaica. The assignment on completion is submitted to the teacher who will collect and guild the students to reach viable findings or conclusion.

Concept Method

In concept method, an idea is raised for investigation. The research idea may focus on why more boys participate in spotting activities than girls in school. Once the concept or idea is investigated, sampling done and result collated testing and validation are done to confirm the concept or discard it.

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