Ber Fruit In English Names And Meaning

Names Of Ber Fruit


Ber Fruit In English Names And Meaning

What is known today as ber fruit is a plant that is said to have originated from Indo-Malaysian region of South-Eat Asia. The important thing to note about this fruit is that it is being by some who knows about it. Like the people of South Africa from the Middle East. You can as well find it in India, China, Indomalaya, Australasia and Pacific island

Ber Fruit

One other thing you need to know about ber fruit is that it is small tree which bears fruits of variable sizes. Sizes such as oval, obovate, oblong or round which can also be round. It has many variety with the flesh being white in colour with a thin , smooth, glossy yet tight skin. The fruit is very nice. It is juicy with a great welcoming scent.

Moreover, the first time I got to know about this ber fruit, I mistaken it to be bael fruit as their names are related for me to later discover that ber fruit is different from bael fruit even know bael fruit English is not the same.

Ber Fruit In English

Many have been asking about what ber fruit is called in English language. Others have asked what is ber fruit in English and others also asked about the contents of ber fruits in English. Not just English, but English countries as well.

Well, the name of ber fruit are: Those are the various names you can call ber fruit. Which ever one you called it, you are still directing to the same fruit.

  • Chinese Date
  • Ber
  • Chinee Apple
  • Jujube
  • Indian Plum
  • Regi Pangu
  • Indian Jujube
  • Dunks
  • Masau

Ber Fruit Binomial Name

This is the Binomial name you can call ber fruit. It is Ziziphus Mauritiana.

Ber Fruit Scientific Classification

Below are the scientific classification of ber fruit. This include the family, order, genus and species of ber.

  • Order: Rosales
  • Family: Rhamnaceae
  • Genus: Ziziphus
  • Species: Ziziphus Mauritiana
  • Kingdom: Plantae


It is important to note that ber fruit can be used in many ways. It can be eaten raw, it can be pickled and as well be used in beverages. Because its rich in vitamin C, it was tagged being nutritious to the body.

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