Calories In Banana (Number Of Calories In Banana)


Calories In Banana (Number Of Calories In Banana)

Banana is one of those fruit that is not only good for you but it’s also nutritious. Because of is sweet taste became one of the most consumed fruit. And because of that, many people especially those that are concerned about their weight began asking about the number of calories in banana.

Just like I said earlier, banana is very sweet, and because of that, many people eat it. I eat banana a lot. Personally, I like eating banana for dinner. There are many ways through which you can eat banana, for instance, whenever I want to buy banana, I always do that in the evening so I can use it for dinner and when I do, I use groundnut for the banana. Though banana can be eaten like that without adding anything to it, I prefer using enough groundnut when eating banana. What do you use when eating banana?

Calories in Banana

Are you curious about the number of calories in banana? Well, the answer is not far fetched. The calories in banana is determined by the size of a banana. For those of us that likes buying a big and huge banana from the market, it’s time to know that, the bigger the banana the bigger the calories.

A lot of websites today have posted the calories in banana without actual fact or prove. Maybe because, they copied from another website which also wrote on the same topic. But the truth is the biggest banana, the bigger the calories.

How Many Calories in Banana

Without taking much time, let me try to break the calories in to pieces according to the sizes and the calories the content. All you have to do is to get your tape and measure the size of the banana you want to eat to get the exact calories on it.

If you have a banana about 6 inch and 101 grams, the calories on it is about 90. If the banana is very large, about 9 inches or more of 152 grams the calories on it will be 135. If it is 8 inches with 136 grams, then the calories on it will be 121. If it’s very small, less than 6 inches with 81 grams, then it is 72 calories. However if it is a mashed banana for instance one cup of 225 gram of mashed banana things about 200 calories.

However, some have argued that banana contain about 105 calories for a medium banana of 7 inches to 8 inches. One thing is certain, the bigger the banana, the bigger the calories. So if you are watching your weight and you want to eat banana, you can get yourself a medium sized banana instead of going for the big one. Well, you can decide to eat half of the banana if you really want to be on the safe side.

Why watching your weight, remember the health benefits of banana and what you are missing if you’re not be eaten it such as banana can boost your energy and soft when your stomach is being constipated because of its fiber content. With vitamin B6, manganese and potassium in banana, you are sure of a healthy nutritious fruit. Unlike Eating Bael Fruit During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding which is very bad. Banana is very good for pregnant women.

Moreover, there is something you need to know about banana. When it is still green, it contains so many starch than when it’s ripens. What is does immediately it becomes ripe is to convert to sugar, that’s where carbohydrates comes into place.

Carbohydrates in Banana

Just like the calories in a banana varies with the size of that banana, so is the carbohydrates tool. That is to say, the bigger the banana the bigger the carbohydrates as long as it is not green anymore.

One and half cup of sliced banana can contain about 15 grams carbohydrates so if your banana peel is big about 8 to 9 inches long, it will have about 31 grams effective net carbohydrates.

In conclusion, all I can say is that you should check the size of the banana you take because the bigger it is, the bigger the calories and carbohydrates processes. For those watching their weight or dieting, you can consume a small amount of banana to be on the safe side. The choice is yours because as for me, i can consume a bunch of banana as long as I am not filled yet.

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