#DANCELIKEMANDELA Challenge By DJ Maphorisa


#DANCELIKEMANDELA Challenge By DJ Maphorisa: DJ Maphorisa #DANCELIKEMANDELA Challenge is on. All you have to do is to upload the video of yourself dancing to DJ Maphorisa Dance Like Mandela song on any social media especially Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tell the world why you dance like Mandela. Do nor forget to use #DANCELIKEMANDELA on the video.

According to DJ Maphorisa, the reason behind of the challenge is for you to have the your chance and opportunity to raise awareness for an issue that is important for your community and that you want to change.  See What he said below.

#DANCELIKEMANDELA Challenge By DJ Maphorisa

To celebrate his birthday I teamed up with REPRESENT on #DANCELIKEMANDELA – a campaign that wants to inspire young people all over the world to become a catalyst for social change through music and dance.

The track is a tribute to Nelson Mandela who was not only a lawyer, an activist, a president, and a Nobel prize winner, but also a dancer.

He was famous for getting up in any setting, whether on the political campaign trail, at the UN, or at a party, with his iconic Madiba Shuffle.

He famously stated, “It is music and dancing that make me at peace with the world.”

You can get involved as well! Upload a video of yourself dancing to the track using the hashtag #DANCELIKEMANDELA and tell the world why you dance like Mandela -its your chance to raise awareness for an issue that is important for your community and that you want to change!”

We all know Nelson Mandela and the role he played in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. He was a man of valor, who stood strong despite all humiliations and fought for every black person in South Africa and at the end, establishing South Africa that is United not minding whether your colour.

According to DJ Maphorisa, he described Mandela as one of the most important political activists of our time and a symbol of peaceful resistance on behalf of human rights. You can read DJ Maphorisa – Dance Like Mandela Lyrics ft. Mlindo The Vocalist, Stilo Magolide.

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