Does Breast Milk Affect Baby Complexion

Breastfeeding your baby can not change his complexion


Does Breast Milk Affect Baby Complexion

I’ve got too many questions about whether breastfeeding can increase baby complexion and some people also ask ‘does breast milk affect baby’s complexion’.

Does Breast Milk Affect Baby Complexion

Does Breastfeeding Affect Baby Complexion

Well the answer to this is not far fetched. You cannot change a baby’s complexion. The skin colour of your baby whether dark or fair or Albino is decided by his/her genes at the moment of conception and there’s nothing the parent can do to change the complexion.

However,  breast milk can go a long way to normalizing the skin of the baby. That is to that, beast milk makes the baby more brighter and more intelligent.

Breastfeeding your baby helps your baby to grow to be intelligent because breast milk boost babies immunity helping them fight ear infections, stomach bugs and even asthma little is known about it effect on intelligence until now.

Breastfeeding your baby can not change his complexion but it will give your baby other benefits. Many women do not breastfeed their baby because they don’t want their breast to fall but breast feeding a baby goes a long way to helping the baby grow more stronger and more intelligent. So if you are one of those women that decided never to breastfeed their baby during pregnancy.

Had it been your mother did not breastfed you, I wonder how you will feel about it. You also need to wonder how your baby will feel when he grows to find out that you never breastfed him/her with the excuse that you don’t want your breast to fall. By doing that, you deprive your baby the benefits that comes with beast milk. The nature that made it that way is not foolish. If it weren’t useful, they wouldn’t have instructed mothers to do so. Perhaps, your mother might not have breastfed you.

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