DOWNLOAD OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK

DOWNLOAD OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK

The latest version of OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK is out. Released on September 1, 2018 just after three days its previous version was released. Its good because we all know what comes with every update. It means OGWhatsApp is enhanced to serve its users very well.

OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK

Since OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK is out. it comes with a new mouth watering features. Bugs fixed and some changes made. The changes that comes with this latest version makes sense.

However, if you are still using the previous version of OGWhatsApp Version 6.80, do well and download OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK today and update to the latest version so as to join others to enjoy the benefits that comes with it.

OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK Changelog

  • Fixed Some Bugs And App Crashing
  • New Base Updated to 2.18.210
  • Delete All Ads From OGWhatsApp
  • Delete All Pop-up From OGWhatsApp (Follow Us On Facebook – Follow Us On Twitter)
  • Add Push Notifications For Our Site To Get Latest Important News And Updates About Our Apps
  • Exclusive Know Which Messages are Deleted Anytime you want (Go to Contact/Group Profile and Click on Revoked Messages)
  • Enabled Media Visibility (Go to Profile – Media Visibility)
  • Enabled Mark as Read in Notification
  • Enabled Select All Chats on Main Screen
  • Removed Seperate App for Themes
  • Removed Mod 6.8 as Old
  • Fixed Header Vibration for Hide Chats
  • Fixed Revoke Notification not showing in Few Devices
  • Fixed Apply Themes in Some Devices
  • Fixed Web Search
  • Fixed Backup & Restore (Mod 6.7)
  • Fixed Share and Send Theme
  • Updated Italian and Portuguese Language
  • Many Other Fixes

How To Install OGWhatsapp For Android

Before you download OGwhatsapp latest version, it is important you know how to install OGWhatsapp without Losing Your Previous Chats. Follow the steps below.

Method I: After you must have finished downloaded OGwhatsapp latest version from the downloading link below. The next thing you have to do is to

Method II: Backup copy of your conversions so as not to lose them. You can do that if you were using the normal whatsapp. Remember to enable install files from an unknown source on your android settings, inside security.

Method III: Then install the OGWhatsapp latest version which you have downloaded. After you have successfully installed it

Method IV: After you have finished backing up your conversation from normal whatsapp, then uninstall it and install the OGWhatsapp latest version you downloaded.

Method V: When its installed, open it and AGREE AND CONTINUE. Allow OGWhatsapp access and then enter your mobile number, verify it and then press restore. Wait so that you backups will be restored successfully. You can now enter your name and profile picture. Congratulations, you now have OGWhatsapp latest version running on your phone.

DOWNLOAD OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK

To download OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 click on the link below and enjoy.

DOWNLOAD OGWhatsApp Version 6.81 APK

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