Drug Trafficking Punishment By Country

Drug Trafficking


Drug Trafficking Punishment By Country

Drug trafficking has become an order of the same in this 21st century. Youths indulge in the act of drug trafficking without minding the drug trafficking punishments. The question is why would someone indulge in this kind of act even knowing its penalties. Of course, the punishment that follows drug trafficking is very harsh. I believe this was done because of the bad effects of drug trafficking.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a worldwide unlawful exchange including the development, fabricate, circulation and offer of substances which are liable to drug dis-allowance laws.

Drug Trafficking Punishment

Haven discussed about drug trafficking. Its time to talk about those drug trafficking punishment by countries you should know. It is important to note that countries have their own law and punishment in regard to drug trafficking. The drug trafficking penalties of countries all over the world are not the same. Some of the punishment are very harsh while the rest are slightly harsh.

The most important thing to note here is the fact that there is no easy or smooth punishment in regards to drug trafficking. Ones you are caught, and the after the investigation, you are found guilty, my brother my sister theirs is no escape for it. The law of that country which you were found unworthy will manifest and they will use it against you.

Drug Trafficking Punishment By Country

Below are those punishments or penalties given to drug traffickers in United States, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, Columbia, Philippines, India, Singapore etc.

United States

Drug trafficking punishment in the United States is very harsh especially Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. United States made it so, so that there will be less drug trafficking in the United States. The question now is does this punishment really stop drug trafficking? Well, if it doesn’t really eradicate it, at least it minimized it.


Drug trafficking punishment in Nigeria is still very harsh. Like I said earlier, I don’t think there’s any country that legalized drug trafficking. Though there might be some countries who might permit the smoking of drugs in some way but not legalizing it. If I am wrong please write such country on the comment box below. Still in Nigeria, the penalties for drug trafficking is about 15 – 25 years in prison. There’s no death penalty.


China is not let behind. They of course have their own way through which they punish those who are caught in the act. Drug trafficking punishment in China is by death. It is very simple. In China if you are caught trafficking more than 50 grams of Heroine into China, they can decided to punish you in several ways. Either by death sentencing, about 15 years in prison or life sentence. You can check Article 347 of the Chinese Criminal Law. Also they also have another way which they punish the drug trafficker. They can force the trafficker to attend a drug rehab run by the government.


In fact, Singapore is one of the country with the highest harsh drug trafficking punishment. In Singapore, drug trafficking is punishable by death. No matter the quantity of the drug you were caught with, you will be sentenced to death. In Singapore, when a police officer see you with a small amount of drug, it is assumed that you are selling it. And if you cannot defend yourself well, you are dead.

I remember Chijioke Stephen Obioha, he was a Nigerian man, from Igbo land, the Eastern part of Nigeria. He was caught with about 2.5kg of Cannabis which exceeded 500 gram in Singapore in 2007 and he was executed in 2017.


Drug trafficking punishment in India is death. They will execute you. Though this depends on the quantity and quality of drugs which you are caught with. I still remember 2004 when Malik was executed in India for the possession of about 142kg of Hashish. Also in 2008, Omkaenath was sentenced to death for the possession of about 28kg of Charas. That is to say that if you are caught with drugs in India, you have just signed your death wish.


Columbia is not an exception too. They also have a harsh punishment for drug traffickers. If you are caught with drugs in Columbia, you are likely to go to prison for a long period of time. But that’s not what makes it hard as some other countries also sentence drug traffickers to long time imprisonment. The thing is, the prison in Columbia is very unpleasant. I don’t know if unpleasant explain how bad Columbia prison is, that you are likely not to make it out alive.


In Indonesia, it is equally harsh. Catching you with Marijuana in Indonesia can land you to about 20 years in prison. However, if you are selling drugs, then you are punishable by death. Though there are other jail terms for drug trafficking in Indonesia of about 12 years in prison. It depends on the quantity and quality of your drugs. But the best thing to do is never to indulge in such act.

Saudi Arabia

Drug trafficking punishment in Saudi Arabia can land you to death penalty. Even the use of alcohol is not allowed in Saudi Arabia and if you are caught in such act, they can punish you by either flogging you publicly, or giving you a fine to pay. It can land you in prison. It depends on how heavy you offence is.


When we talk about Dubai, we mean that country that does not tolerate drug abuse. Not just that, any form of illegal drugs, drug abuse and drug trafficking can land you to prison. Dubai is so intolerable when it come to drug trafficking in such that some drugs which are allowed in other counties can land you to prison in Dubai. So if you are in Dubai, I will advice you never to try doing any form of drug trafficking, drug abuse and if you want to use drugs, please verify weather it is allowed in that country or not. I am saying this because of the migrants in Dubai who may not be aware of this. Please be cautious.


In Iran, drug trafficking is not tolerated at all especially opium. Because Opium is produced in Afghanistan, Iran neighboring country, it is not tolerated at all. If you are caught with it, it can lead you to a long term jail and sometimes can be death sentence.


Malaysia has a high intolerance towards drug trafficking in the sense that any form of drug of whatever amount can have you killed in Malaysia. They don’t tolerate it at all. Even driving when you are drunk is also not accepted in Malaysia. So if you are in Malaysia, avoid anything that has to do with drugs so as at avoid being sentenced to death as a punishment or to avoid being deported.


Heroin of about 1.3 pounds can get you killed immediately. What I’m saying is in Vietnam, you are not allowed with drugs and if you are caught in the act with any drugs, it can land you to a very long term in jail but if you are caught with more than 1.3 pounds worth of heroin, they will execute you. That is for sure.


In Thailand, those that use drugs frequently are sent to rehab but they can still punish you if you are found with drugs especially Narcotics. If you are found with Narcotics in Thailand, they will execute you.


Though it is not mandatory in Cambodia that anybody caught with drugs will be sentence to death, they can still punish you by executing you. It depends on the volume of drugs you are involved with. What they do is that they normally send you to jail where you have to stay for a very long time.


Remember I said earlier that not all countries execute people caught with drugs. In Laos you will be mandated to pay at least $35,000 if you are caught with drugs. Now that’s a whole lot of money for some people to pay. However, you will be sentenced to 10 years in prison if you are found with Narcotics.


Because death penalty or death as a punishment of any offence was abolished in Philippines in 2006, drug traffickers found in Philippines cannot be executed but they will be sentenced to life imprisonment. What is the difference between life imprisonment and killing the offender immediately. To me, I think they are the same.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not an exception. If you are found with drugs, you may not be executed but you will be sentenced to a very long term in jail. Trust me, it is not what would want to experience.

North Korea

Please North Korea is a no go area. Do even in your life try to or even imagine taking drugs to that country because you may not be executed but you will be sentenced to a long period of time where you will not even have any contact with anybody, not your friends and not your family.


If you are caught selling drugs, they can punish you by sending you to long term in jail likewise if you have it in possession. It can be more than that, so the best thing is to avoid drugs while you are in Turkey.

Even with all this punishment and penalties in regard to drug trafficking, yet people still indulge in the act because of money. I understand that money must be made but let us at least make those money in a legal way, Not in a way that would cut short our expectation. This laws, punishments and penalties on drug trafficking did not eradicate it but at least, it helped minimized it.

DISCLAIMER: This post is for educational purposes only and is open for correction as laws of countries are liable to change at any time, If you observe one that have changed among this countries listed above, please inform us in the comment box below. Thank you.

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