Eating Bael Fruit During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Indian Bael


Eating Bael Fruit During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

So I began to ask myself about the benefits of Bael and it’s nutritional contents which made me to be amazed at what the important of Bael to human body. But then I asked myself what about pregnant women.

What Is Bael?

We all know what Bael is. But if you don’t know, bael is known with its botanical name as Aegle Marmelos. You can as well call it Bengal Quince. In fact, Bael has many names they are:

  • Aegle Marmelos
    Bengal Quince
    Golden Apple
    Japanese Bitter Orange
    Wood Apple.

Bael is found more in India popularly known as the Indian bael which is said to be sacred especially to te Hindus. What more can we say about bael. Its extract is used in the production of a weight loss dietary supplement.

Eating Bael Fruit During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Recently, I was making research about bael and it’s effects on human since that the extract from the plant which is used to make weight loss dietary supplements causes liver damage when consumed orally, because of that, so many people manufacturing and marketing bael was arrested in 2015 in the US.

So I asked myself, if it’s not good for liver what about using bael during pregnancy? I began to research again. Some said that it is good during pregnancy some said it’s not.

Bael Fruit During Pregnancy

My advice is this, for the sake of your unborn child, do not eat bael while you’re pregnant. The reason is because bael, especially Indian bael, is not good for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

In fact, stay away from Indian bael when you’re pregnant and when you are breastfeeding your baby. There’s no scientific evidence to prove authenticity and health benefit of bael during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Moreover, Indian bael has been used in many occasions traditionally to encourage abortions and hysterectomized women. If Indian bael can be used for abortion, then it’s not good to eat it while pregnant because of your baby.

I know you maybe confused. But please for the sake of the beautiful baby in your womb, do not eat bael when your pregnant or when you are still breastfeeding your baby until its proven scientifically good for pregnant women.

DISCLAIMER: Please try and consult a medical practitioner for more information. The information found on this website is meant for educational purpose only.

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