Eating Wood Apple During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding


Eating Wood Apple During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

When I discovered about the wood apple and its benefits on human body. I began to do more research about its side effects. Actually, I discovered  wood apple when I was researching about whether eating bael fruit during pregnancy is good or bad. 

Wood Apple

One thing is certain about wood apple, it is the fact that it is very nutritious in the sense that it is used to cure various kind of diseases. Diseases like Cholera, hemorrhoids, heart diseases, inflammation,  diabetes etc. If you want to know the health benefits and diseases wood apple can cure, then read this post: Wood Apple Health Benefits.

However wood apple is known by its botanical name as Aegle Marmelos. Wood Apple has so many name which you can call it. So whichever you call it from these names listed below, you are still saying the same thing.

  • Aegle Marmelos
  • Bael Fruit
  • Bengal Quince
  • Golden Apple
  • Wood Apple
  • Japanese Bitter Orange

Remember the popular drink called Sherbet? Some extract from wood apple is used in the making and manufacturing of this drink. Moreover, the extract from the wood apple is also used for the making of a weight loss dietary supplement. Though these supplements has been considered bad for human liver.

Eating Wood Apple During Pregnancy

The question of Eating Wood Apple During Pregnancy good or bad has been asked by many pregnant women all over the world who knows about the health benefit of wood apple. It is true that wood apple is very beneficial to the body and can be used to cure some diseases. Its extract used in the making of the weight loss dietary supplement was considered harmful for the liver. That was why in 2015, the United State arrested so many manufacturers and marketers of the the weight loss dietary supplement.

It has not been scientifically proven about what wood apple can do in the life of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Also, the Indian wood apple cannot be eaten during pregnancy. The Indian wood apple maybe used for abortion therefore not good to be eaten by pregnant women.

Therefore, if Indian wood apple is not good to be eaten by pregnant women because of its abortive threats to the baby. Then I will advice you not to eat wood apple during pregnancy and during when you are still breastfeeding your child. You can find other fruit you can eat that will still give you the exact reason why you wanted to eat wood apple in the first place.

DISCLAIMER: This post is for educational purpose only. You can as well consult your medical doctor concerning whether you should eat wood apple wood when you are pregnant and when you are still breastfeeding your babies.

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