Education In Jamaica And Jamaica Education Statistics

Education In Jamaica And Jamaica Education Statistics

Education is one thing that is very important to everyone life. No matter how you are, what you are, you need to pass some series of education whether formal or informal. Some countries in the world made some level of education mandatory.

For example, when you look in to Japan high School and their Japanese education system, you will see that some level of education was made mandatory for them.This is because, they know how importance education is and of cause, having a formal education is not enough. You need to have both in order to come to an equal equilibrium.

However, when you look very closely into Education In Jamaica And Jamaica Education Statistics, you will observe that of course, Jamaican government took education very serious. The world is turning in to a global village, things are changing, technological inventions are being invented everyday. I wonder what a child would do if he or she didn’t get proper education that can help him or her fit in, in the world he or she is born into.

No wonder Japanese government made English Language compulsory when taking their Japanese high school entrance examination. They have realized how importance it is for their children to know English well. The world is truly changing, we can see it. Only proper education can help the generation yet unborn.

Education In Jamaica

Just like every other places, the first education of a child starts from the family, where the parents gets to teach the baby those basic things he or she needs to know but when you look at the world today, you will notice that even breastfeeding working class ladies hardly get 3 months leave after giving birth. This becomes a problem for both the parents and the child. That is why Creche and Kindergarten are there.

That is to say that Education In Jamaica starts in the creche before proceeding to kindergarten.  The creche is like a school, or should I call it a school for babies from 3 months to 2 years. Of cause, a working class lady when resuming work after 3 or 6 months leave don’t have to be going to work with her baby.

For example, a breastfeeding mother who works in bank, doesn’t have to be going to work with the baby, she has to put it under a care and most at time, if they don’t have anyone at home to help them keep they baby, they resort to registering for the creche where the baby will be taken care of just like the mom would have done if she was around.

The next step on Education In Jamaica is the kindergarten. This is the stage when the child must have gotten to 2 years of age, I believe we all know what is kindergarten is because we all in one way or the other passed through that stage. During the kindergarten stage, the child will be taught those things he or she is supposed to know according to his her level and prepare her and her mindset towards entering the other stage of education in Jamaica.

Primary School In Jamaica

When we talk of primary, we talk of that stage that prepares the child for the secondary stage and Education In Jamaica is not left alone when it comes to that. Primary education in Jamaica starts at Grade 1 when the child is 6 years old. By this time, the child must have gotten the knowledge he needs to succeed in school. The primary school stops at Grade 6 when the child must have gotten to grade six and about 13 years of age.

The Grades which ranges from 1 to 6 is to prepare the child for the bigger thing ahead and to do that, they test the knowledge of the children. Each Grade test has what it is called and they are, Grade 1 test is called Readiness Test, Grade 3 is called Assessment Test in Mathematics and Language Arts, Grade 4 is Literacy Test, while Grade 6 test is popularly known as GSAT which can as well be called an Achievement Test in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Writing.

The GSAT test taken in Jamaica education system is very important to the child because their future depends on it. Just like Common Entrance taken in Nigeria, you have to pass at least that exam because it determines where you will be posted to do your secondary school. The same is applicable to Jamaicans education system as well. This is the reason why pupil try as much as they can to make good score on the exam to stand a chance of being posted in the best school in Jamaica.

Secondary School In Jamaica

This is secondary school where the student is allowed to know lots of things like reproductive system. Just like every other countries in the world, the secondary students in Jamaica are exposed to subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physic etc. In Jamaica, their secondary school students are exposed to foreign languages like French, Spanish. This is how it is in Nigeria, I remember doing French in my Junior secondary school though I still did it in my Year 1 in the university.

Jamaica secondary School subjects are; English Language, Food and Nutrition, Integrated Science, Religious studies,  Literature in English Clothing and Textile and Craft, Mathematics. And for the Fourth Form In Jamaica, the system is divided into two between Art and Science. This is where the student gets to choose which one he or she thinks is best for him,

I remember during my days in secondary school, I had to choose Art because I was really having issues with mathematics. I knew I won’t survive well in Science if I’m not good in math, and being a bright student, I didn’t want anything do hinder me from continuing my first position so I chose Art. Please when choosing here, be cautious so you don’t make a wrong choice because whatever you choose her determines what you will study if you want want to further your education more.

Some of the Fourth Form subjects are; Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc with Mathematics and English Language compulsory. It is important to note that after you have finished your fifth form, you are going to take about two exams called GCE and CXC. Just like Nigeria that takes WAEC (West African Examination Council). Nigeria also takes GCE as well. GCE full meaning is General Certificate Examinations while CXC means The Caribbean Examination Council.

University Education In Jamaica

University Education In Jamaica is owned by both government/public and private as well where traditional western-based curriculum is followed. Some of the universities you can find in Jamaica are:

  • University of the West Indies Mona Campus
  • The University of Technology
  • The College of Art, Science and Technology
  • The North Caribbean University
  • The University College of the Caribbean

Jamaica Education Statistics

For Jamaica Education Statistics please visit and check it out. The website has Jamaica Education Statistics from 1970 to 2014.

In conclusion, unlike what it used to be before, Education In Jamaica has improved greatly therefore making kids to develop more interest towards studying which did increased Jamaica Education Statistics. Just like Russian School Uniforms, students in Jamaica now wear their Jamaican school uniforms to school every day. Though exam periods especially that of the Fourth Form is hard, still student tries as much as they can to scale through it.

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