International Relation Jobs Opportunities Available For You

If you are having a double mind about going further to apply for International Relation in school because you are not really aware of any job opportunity it can offer. Well, I will advice you to have double mind no more


International Relation Jobs Opportunities Available For You

Being one of the courses studied in almost all recognized schools in the world, International relation jobs became of the top asked questions among many who wish to study the course. Many people have been asking what is the use of studying International Relation considering the fact that there might be no interesting Job opportunities it can offer. Well, that is not true. International Relation offers a great range of jobs, not just that, studying the International Relation gives you an opportunity to explore the world.

International Relation Jobs

Of cause there are many International Relation Jobs Opportunities Available For You so long as your result is good. Just like I have said before, International relation gives you an opportunity to explore the world. It gives the opportunity to know how the international system works.

I can tell you, I am a student of International Relation and sometimes when I tell people about my course, they get confused and the next thing they will do is to ask me what actually will you use that course to do and which International Relation Jobs can you work? I remember the first time somebody threw that question on me. Unfortunately as of that time, even being the person that applied for the course, though not entirely by me. It was suggested by my sister, I still didn’t know what I can become after I must have gotten a degree on it. Aside from that, When I got to school, I began to enjoy the course. Initially I wanted to apply for Law but somehow I was grateful I didn’t applied for the Law again.

That is what I am telling you. International Relation makes your head big. It will make you know what has happened in the world even before your great grand fathers were born, what is happening in the world at present and might predict what might happen in the future. I don’t know about other schools, but in my school, (University Of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigera. (UNIBEN)) they call it International Studies And Diplomacy (ISD). The lecturers are very good at it and I am enjoying it. In fact, aside law, next is ISD and its one of the tough course you can do in Uniben. But I can assure you, Its very sweet and enjoying.

International Relations Careers

If you are having a double mind about going further to apply for International Relation in school because you are not really aware of any job opportunity it can offer or International Relation Jobs opportunities. Well, I will advice you to have double mind no more and go ahead and apply for the course because there are a lot of careers in International Relation. Read them below:

Diplomat Or High Commissioner Or Ambassador

Studying International Relation in school gives you the opportunity of becoming a diplomat. No wonder my school (UNIBEN) changed the name from International Relation to International Studies and Diplomacy. I see the reason now. Because the first International Relation Jobs you can get is becoming a diplomat. It can also be called High Commissioner as well as Ambassador.

You may ask who is a Diplomat, High Commissioner or Ambassador? They people who represent their country in another country. A diplomat is usually appointed by their home government to represent the interest of their country in another country as well as protect it. That is to say that if you graduated studying International Relation, you get the opportunity of representing your country in another country.

A diplomat may be called a high commissioner, an ambassador, Minister, Councelor, First Secretary, Second Secretary, Third Secretary, Attache, and Assistance Attache. This varies from country to country. Each country has what they call their own. Do you want to become a diplomat? Then go and study International Relation.

Though there are other course you can offer to become a diplomat aside International Relation. Courses like:

  • Global Governance And Cultural Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy
  • International Economics, Business and Cultural Diplomacy
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy, Business And Trade
  • Analytic Philosophy – Cultural Diplomacy
  • Globalization Studies And Cultural Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign Policy

Intelligence Specialist

After studying international relations in school, you can become an intelligence specialist and start gathering state most vital perhaps critical information for your state. It didn’t end there being an intelligence specialist gives you an opportunity in the arm forces like the military, navy, security departments. All you need to do is to provide an accurate data information concerning missions. Interesting right? You can as well evaluate mission results after you must have collected it and then maintain intelligence database.

Political Analysts

As an International Relation Jobs, Your job here is very simple. All you have to do is to make sure you interprets and make known various developments concerning politics. You also have to analyse laws including public policies and laws of cause government decisions. Not just that, you can also be a personal advice to the government officials as long as international system is concerned etc.

International Lawyer

International lawyer in the sense that your job is to mediate between states in the international system. It depends where you get the church. If it’s a company, you have to be their mediator when it comes to bother internal and international relations with other companies. The same goes with organizations. All you need to do is to represent them and protect their interests and as well reporting back to them.

Lobbyist + You can become a lobbyist after studying international relations in school. Your work her is to propel government officials towards making a decision. Here, if you are hired by an interest group or non profit organization. Your Job is to make sure government officials makes decisions that can favour them (the organization). You can do that by monitoring, researching and of cause analysing legislation, attending legislators hearings depending on what your country or you country you reside in calls it. After that, you can get to policy makers and then makes good use of communication to promote and achieve the aim of your work. That’s is why you need to be good in communication and speak various language.

Public Affairs Consultant

As one of the International Relation Jobs available for you, your work here is to advice the governments so long as politics and public policy is concerned. No wonder Political Science and Public Policy Analysis is one of he courses offered in international relations. Because you have understood politics very well and public policy analysis, you can be able to do the job well.

International Relation Specialist- This job is offered by the Department of Homeland Security, US. So your work is to access the economic, border and security issues of another country. You can as well be expected to develop a long lasting diplomatic and border security policies and other border security programs for a foreign country.

Clerk Typist

You can as well work as clerk typist maintaining the telephone lines, making sure that everyone that enters into the office is screened. As a clerk typist, you have to duty to type anything so far as documents, reports of the company is concerned. You also have the duty of updating the staffs telephone directory. Scanning of documents for email transmission etc. Remember to learn about computer before applying for this job. At least know the basics and the MS Windows Application.


As graduate of international relations, you can work in Embassy if not as an ambassador, then it can be for another job like non immigrant Visa Supervisor. Working in the embassy is another International Relation Jobs that you can find after school. You can as well do more research towards the actual work of Non Immigrant Visa Supervisor. It’s an interesting job. If you want to get this kind of job, you have to do well in tit studies and graduate with a good grade.

Program officer (Conflict Management And Stabilization)

As an international relations student I remembered doing conflict management and conflict resolution as one of the courses in international relations. Well, this is where you exhibit what you have learnt doing that course

Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator is another International Relation Jobs. With international relations, you can as well work to anything regards to communications. With that can be the central communications point for your company. You can develop and build effective communications that will have the interest of your working place. Etc.

Historian/History Teacher:

You can as well become a historian. The truth is, international relation gives you the enabling opportunities to know things happening around the globe. Those that have happened in the past and those that are currently happening. Therefore, knowing all these can motivate you into towards becoming a historian. Before you know it, you have started writing books. You can even teach history is school. Because most of international relations courses are somehow history.

Where To Find International Relation Jobs

You can get these jobs both in national and international sector. I mean both in your home country and of cause other counties. You can as well find job in the national organizations ranging from Federal Bureau of investigation, State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, security Agency, you can work on non government organization. You can find jobs in the administrative positions of your home country. There are lots of jobs for international relation degree holder everywhere.

Because international relation doesn’t give you one job profession like medicine and law does, you can decide to be a journalist if you are OK with it. You can as well work with the multinational companies or multinational business groups. I love the fact that I studies international studies and diplomacy in school.

Promise Onwuachu
I am Promise Onwuachu, CEO of and undergraduate of International Studies And Diplomacy (ISD) in University Of Benin, Nigeria. I love writing and sharing knowledge as long as education and Tech is concerned. Contact Me Here

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