Today, we heard a very horrible news about XXXTENTACION which we also wrote on our website. The news was a bad one which stated that XXXTENTACION is dead. I was so sad and heart broken when I saw that in the news, I just woke from my bed and that was the first thing I saw when I took my phone. I cried, I cried like a child.

XXXTENTACION is a rapper who have been up in his game. He is not just a rapper, he is a good rapper that has won lots of people as fans. He has released some album to his credit and have been  featured and have featured lots of talented artists and have done many collaboration as well.

But today, being 18 June 2018, XXXTENTACION was reported dead. According to the report, he was shot in Florida by men about two of them in Black SUV among whom one of them were wearing a red mask. The report also stated that, he didn’t die immediately, he was rushed to the hospital but was on critical condition, later, he was pronounced dead.


However, words are going all over the internet stating that XXXTENTACION is alive and not dead. Lots of people have been speculating, some trying to find every possible clue or evidence that can prove that at least, XXXTENTACION is alive.  Majority of the people doing this is not just bloggers who are probably looking for headline that will bring traffic to their websites, but XXXTENTACION fans, well wishers and even those who doesn’t know him but doesn’t want him dead.

I mean I don’t really know, I have never ever listened to his song before and even now, but I know him as a rapper. Just that I heard the news of his death today, it broke my heart. It spoilt my day. I went to school but  I was so sad that my course mates could see that in my face. I couldn’t even concentrate.

if XXXTENTACION is still alive, then it is a thing of joy for all of us who have prayed and hoped and wished. I don’t want him dead. I believe his fans too who are his second family does’t want him dead. But the truth of the whole thing is that when you Google  XXXTENTACION and visit Wikipedia, you will see the fact that they have updated the news of his death there. But I believe that what have been written can as well be corrected.

If XXXTENTACION is still alive amidst death rumor, then he is the only one that have to tell us because we are desperately hoping, wishing and praying for this whole death stuff to be a rumor. I mean he is just 20 years of age, dying is like cutting shot his goals. I believe he still have a lot to offer and we still need him.

Somebody should just tell me that XXXTENTACION is still alive please. This is hard to believe. Please! Don’t forget to read XXXTENTACION Last Message To His Fans Before He Died.

Promise Onwuachu
I am Promise Onwuachu, CEO of and undergraduate of International Studies And Diplomacy (ISD) in University Of Benin, Nigeria. I love writing and sharing knowledge as long as education and Tech is concerned. Contact Me Here

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