Modern African Political Thoughts


On today’s post, I will be writing on the modern African political thoughts in case if you are asked about not just the African political thoughts but the modern African political thoughts, you will be able to have an idea of what you are expected to answer.

Modern African Political Thoughts

Modern African political thoughts falls within the context or is an attempt to explain or analyse:

  1. How Africans see themselves
  2. How others see them
  3. How Africans have reacted to the forces around them

It attempts to view so many factors that filled with personalities, culture,  historical experience, foreign influences and modern era as it concern Africa and Africans. These issues are set against the background of what has been said about Africa, her past and her people.

For example, some people have said that Africa have no history until the arrival of the white men. In their words, what happened in Africa were the activities of the white men, the rest is darkness and darkness is not a subject matter of history.

Some also said that Africa were gyrating in picturesque but irrelevant portion of the globe. These are samples of way the white men conceived Africa, explained Africa and also analyse Africa. This is the so called Euro-cintric view of Africa which made serious efforts to undermine and annihilate everything that has to do with Africa. But the facts remains that Africa had a part before the white men and despite everything, African culture remains in tact, though likely influenced by foreign influences.

Modern African political thoughts  represent an attempt to brought out the future of Africa from the jaws of the lion that has a firm and dangerous hands on the throats of Africa. It has involved both Africans in diaspora and those in farther land.

In actual fact, the modern struggle for the soul of Africa starts with the Africans in diaspora, especially the Caribbeans and the Americans. It is important therefore, for Africans to reconstruct a new life based on a strong feeling of their self worth. This involves cultural pride, social satisfaction and a sense that other future belongs to Africans. With this, a platform for future development and possible progress is created.

One of the challenges of Africans is that Africans have allowed the negative comment affect the way they conceive of themselves. Africans have been told therefore the need to overcome these physiological stuffs which allows them to look down on themselves. It is important for Africans to internalize and understand that development starts from the mind and defeat can arise as a result of different levels of physiological mindsets.

Conquering this can eventually resolve for progress because physiological thoughts cans be overcome by self belief.

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