South Africa Student Visa Permit Requirements


South Africa Student Visa Permit Requirements

For those aiming to study in South Africa, here are the steps to follow to achieve this and the requirements to get for your visa permit.

South Africa Student Visa Permit Requirements

It is important to note that before you can seek for any South Africa Student Visa Permit Requirements, you must first be accepted by at least a registered South African school including their collages and their universities and must have received an acceptance latter which is signed by the head of the school either the principal or the registrar.

However, you need to try as much as you can to complete the temporary residence permit application. B1-1738 Download the application form HERE. And personally takes it to the South African Embassy in your home country.

South Africa Student Visa Requirements

Below ate the South Africa student Visa requirements to submit to the South Africa ambassador or high commissioner at the South Africa embassy.

1. You must submit a passport which should at least be valid for 30 days after the end of your course coupled with two consecutive understandable clear page left where entry and departure stamps will be stamped.

2. You have to pay for the South Africa Visa application. Its very important except you are on a scholarship program but be sure your scholarship program doesn’t need you to pay for your visa.

3. You must go with 2 coloured passport-sized photograph but I’ll advice you to go with more than one should in case there are needs for more so you don’t have to be stranded.

4. You must go with a letter from the South African school you ate going to. The letter must be official and it must indicate the duration of the course you wish to study including authenticity that the authorities will be aware in case you couldn’t meet up to pay or register, expelled, when the course is extended and when you must have completed it. Those things must be in the letter. Remember, it must be official.

5. If you are not on scholarship program, then you have to attach proofs of the necessary payments which you have made. The payment is for tuition fees including living cost for the year. It should be around ZAA 3, 000 each month and a cash deposit which will cover the cost of return ticket.

6. It is important you go with certificate of medical aid or health insurance that is recognized by the South Africa government including letter indicating that such insurance will be resumed yearly.

7. You can also go with a yellow fever vaccination certificate, medical and radiology reports from about 6 months.

8. You also need to specify the information in regards to where you will be living in South Africa including a police clearance certificate for all the countries you have lived in for the past 12 months ever since you turned 18. If you are not 18, I suggest you go with it in case.

9. Most importantly, your birth certificate of dependent children including certificate that identified your marital status.


With the above information, I hope you are ready to go to South Africa for your studies. Remember that every documents counts. You must have to be serious with them all. Be sincere with them and don’t make mistakes while filling it in. Good luck.

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