South Africa Study Permit Application Form

Download the PDF of South Africa Study Permit Application Form


South Africa Study Permit Application Form

While writing on the requirements needed for South Africa Visa permit, I noticed that a lot of students wants to go to South Africa to pursue education, either continue or complete their education. You don’t have to be confused anymore. On this post, I will give you the South Africa Study Permit Application Form to download and then the things needed to go the South Africa embassy in your home country with along with the form.

South Africa Study Permit Application Form

This is the South Africa Study Permit Application Form DHA-1738.  Download the form PDF HERE, print it out and then fill it correctly. Don’t make mistakes. This visa is given to those especially foreign students who wish to continue or pursue their education in South Africa.  After you must have successfully filled it up, head to the South African embassy in person and submit it. You don’t need to book any appointment because they are always ready at the embassy to see you.

South Africa Study Permit Application For Those Under 18 Years

Nonetheless, in the event that you are under 18 years, here are the things you have to do including the reports you have to bring along.

Remember that your birthday certificate is the first thing to have. On the off chance that you don’t have, or the one you have does not relate with the date of birth in your testaments (From alternate schools you have been to or the level of training you have become up until this point). At that point you have to go to court and swear, get the oath expressing your new age. Keep in mind, it needs to compare with alternate dates in your records else, they will notice something fishy and might deny you the visa.

Since you are under 18, you have to give them a proof which ought to incorporate the physical address of the individual and of cause contact number of the individual you wish to remain with in South Africa. (Since you can’t remain alone since you are underage).The individual will be your watchman and after that a letter from the gatekeeper affirming he/she is your watchman. You have to give an adequate fund implies which you will utilize while in South Africa. Its vital.

In any case, on the off chance that you are originating from NEW YORK then its essential you realize that the arranged encompasses and names from FedEx and UPS wont be acknowledged from you as South Africa Consulate in New York doesn’t acknowledge it any longer. What you need to do is to encase just USPS self-tended to, prepaid messenger conceal for the workplace to encourage return administrations.

Likewise, on the off chance that you are coming to South Africa for contemplate from Washington DC, the $16.00 use to be acknowledged by the South Africa consulate in Washington Dc which was to encourage return administrations, will never again be acknowledged yet they will acknowledge a prepaid envelope with a following number from either FedEx or US Postal Service.

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Nonetheless, for visas that will remain long in South Africa will require a significant stretch of time to be processed. Around 3 – a month. So be patience while they process your visa. Keep in mind, all that you filled in the South Africa Study Permit Application Form must be precise and match to maintain a strategic distance from them denying your visa. Good Luck.

Download South Africa Study Permit Application Form

Download the form PDF below and enjoy. DOWNLOAD PDF

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