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BBNAIJA 2019: Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Price

BBNAIJA 2019: Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Price

Now that Big Brother Naija 2018 is over, Nigerians are getting ready for 2019 Big Brother Naija which has made people began to ask the question of Big Brother Naija 2019 form price.  Well before I tell you BBNAIJA 2019: Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Price, it is important you first read how to apply for big brother naija 2019 including other requirements.

BBNAIJA 2019: Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Price

Just like I said earlier, Nigerians who wants to apply for big brother Naija 2019 have started asking about the form price and how to apply. You won’t blame them if they have started asking such question. Who wouldn’t want to apply. 45,000,000 Naira is not 45 Naira plus the fame and the opportunity that comes from it.

Before I use to detest this big brother naija thing because of some of the unholy things they do there. But if you look on the bright side, you will find out that it is an opportunity to make people achieve their dreams and purpose in life.

Look at Bisloa, even though she lost to Efe in 2017, she has become more popular then Efe himself. She has been cast in many movies with lead roles. She has had lots of endorsement and people respect her. Even though she did not went home with the 25m, BBNaija gave her the opportunity to become the best she can be. The only person I pity is the first and second people to be evicted in the house. Because the show might not be so popular then, many people will not know you. So try as much as you can to make it to the final round. Even if you don’t win, you will still have a lot of opportunities knocking at your doorstep.

How Much Is Big Brother Naija Form

Here is the answer to the question of How Much Is Big Brother Naija Form? Big Brother Naija form has always been from 70,000 Naira to 90,000 Niara. Though this price is not official, its estimated to that. However, to be on a safer side, I will advice you to budget 100,000 Niara for Big Brother Naija form. PLEASE, do not pay any money online. The selling of the form should be official. Be careful, this is Nigeria, people utilizes every opportunity they have to make some money.

Remember that before you apply for Big Brother Naija 2019, you must be up to 20 years old, you must be a Nigerian and must have a valid international passport. You also have to be ready to travel and stay out for 3 months

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BBNAIJA 2019: How To Register & Apply For Big Brother Naija 2019

BBNAIJA 2019: How To Register & Apply For Big Brother Naija 2019

OK, I have stated getting questions concerning big brother Naija 2019 (BBNAIJA) and how it’s going to be. People are already showing interest for BBNaija 2019 and as such have started asking about the forms how to apply. Before I continue on How To Register & Apply For Big Brother Naija 2019, let’s not forget to talk about the previous BBNaija and how it went.

The just concluded BBNaija 2018 had Miracle as a winner, going home with 45,000,000 Naira with other cool prices. Others also went home with different awards, small qualifications and then that popularity that can help them shine.

It started like a playful thing, with every member of the house coming with hope to go home with the 45m Naira. Though personally, I believe that there are some people who came for big brother Naija who never had the hope of winning. They just applied for applying sake just to be on TV. But in one way or the other, they individual must have thought in his/her heart, perhaps, must have asked him or herself ‘what if I win this money?’

You know, this is why I hate competition. I don’t really like competition. Knowing the fact that people will loose for just one person to win. You know when you ask yourself the question of what if I don’t win? The people that has bestowed their hope and trust on you will be disappointed meaning that you are a disappointment. Not making sense right? That’s is why you don’t have to be discouraged. There’s no harm in trying. You never can tell. So pursue your dreams and have your victory.

Introduction To Big Brother Naija (BBNaija)

Well, we don’t much details here, even the baby in the womb already knows what bbnaija is and what they do on it. Considering that fact that it’s mama could not stop watching it. Big Brother Naija is one of the biggest African reality show of 12 contestants who live in house which is isolated and compete for a price. It’s a 3 months TV show where the winner goes home with certain amount of money. The money is generated from the people, should I call them fans, that voted during the course of the program. So on the final day of the show, the winner will be given the money and a beautiful car.

Reason Why You Should Apply For Big Brother Naija

Well, the reason is very simple. 45m is not 45 naira. By just being in an isolated house, living and interacting with people you equally met when you arrived in the house. And then your fans who love your personality and showcase it by voting for you always, then 45m is yours. Just like that. It worth trying.

Moreover, if not because of the money, it can still help you to achieve your dreams in life. Take for instance Bisola that lost to Efe in 2017, she is now very popular, featured in many movies with a lead role. Something she couldn’t have easily gotten if she never went for bbnaija. So Big Brother Naija gives you an opportunity to become the best you can be for yourself.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Application Form

The 2019 BBNaija application form is out and auditions will be held soon from 2nd of February. They are still celebrating the just concluded one. I will updated this post immediately it’s announced. So all you have to do is to bookmark this page. Save this page on your phone so u can constantly be checking it to avoid getting the information when the deadline has elapsed.

Meanwhile, while you wait for 2019 Big Brother Naija application form to come out, you can read the tips I wrote below. At least you will learn one or two things from it.

Tips Towards Wining Big Brother Naija

Since it has always been that a guy must surely win, then I humbly advice any guy that wants to apply for bbnaija 2019 to work on himself properly. For the fact that guys have been winning this thing means its the girls that normally vote. Therefore if you are a guy, you can use that as an added advantage towards achieving your victory.

What am I saying? you need to be lovable. I didn’t say you have to be a fine boy. Girls this days might not care about whether you are fine or not. But if you have a good body structure/stature. That will be an added advantage. I didn’t say ‘six packs oh’, though that might help. I said good body structure/stature. If you now combine it with your handsome, then who knows?

Try and work on your abs, your legs, chest, and even your beards, You don’t need to look fine boy. You need to look like a man with a great personality, then you will have lots of girls. Learn how to smile in a way that girls will like. I’m not saying you should start living a fake life because you want to win 2019 big brother Naija, but you should do something that will make the girls like you. Because your victory depends on it. You need their vote. So work on your self.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions Venues

Big Brother Naija Audition venues has always been these place listed below. However, if there is any change in the big brother Naija 2019 venue, I will updated thus post immediately and let you know. All you have to do is to bookmark or save this page on your phone or laptop.

  • Ibadan venue is at Mauve 21 Events Centre, MKO Abiola Way, Ring Road, by Adeoyo Junction, Ibadan
  • Lagos venue is at West Town Hotel; 1, Ayeni Street, behind Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja
  • Enugu venue is at  Oakland Hotel and Park, Tunnel Crossing, Ogui Link Road, beside Etim Plaza, Enugu
  • Abuja venue is at MultiChoice Office, Plot 1548, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, beside NEMA, adjacent Transcorp Hilton, Maitama
  • Port Harcourt venue is at 5141, Aba Road, Port Harcourt
  • Delta State venue is at Deluxe Garden Suites, Bauchi Close, Shell Edjeba, Warri

NOTE: It is important you know that this is not the official venues where 2019 BBNaija auditions willl be conducted. Ones the final venue is announced, I will update this post.

How To Register & Apply For Big Brother Naija 2019

If you are interested in registering for the 2019 BBNaija, then all you have to do is to follow these steps below. How To Register & Apply For Big Brother Naija 2019. Remember that whatever I wrote below should be used when the official selling of the form commences.

You must be a Nigerian citizen, must be fro, 21 years of age and must have a valid international Passport

Method I – Create  a video, It is always recommended to prerecord a video so you can make sure you are doing, saying, being exactly who you want to be. However, if you are an “on the fly” kind of person, the site is equipped with a self-video recorder so you can just wing it if that is what you prefer.

Method II – Save a current picture of yourself, and video to your computer, so they are ready when you apply online.

Method III – Completely fill out the online application and upload your video and picture here.

Method IV – We’ll email you if we want to move forward in the casting process with you