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Looking for a place to download whatsapp, Uptodown Whatsapp got you covered. In fact, you are in the right place. Continue reading below.


When we mention Uptodown Whatsapp, we mean an online platform or a website where you can download latest whatsapp. Of course, there are many online platforms and website where you can download whatsapp, Uptodown is one of them and as such giving you the last version of whatsapp.


Whatsapp is an an online platform where you can send and recieve messages. It is also a social network where people can chat and interact with each other. Just like Telegram, whatsapp let’s you send message to your family and friends. Whatsapp is not new. Almost everybody knows about it. It came out and like play like play became one of the leading messaging app people use.

Nowadays, people doesn’t even use text messaging anymore. They make use of whatsapp to send their various messages to their loved one. I can’t Remember the last time I used text messages to send a message to someone, except that person is not on whatsapp.

Even email, people doesn’t use email this days. Provided they have the mobile number of the person they want to contact and if the person also gave whatsapp enabled on his or her phone and its using it. Then, why sending text when you can reach the person on whatsapp. Very easy, simple and short.

Whatsapp have expanded to the extent that it has both mobile phone and PC version. Many people doesn’t know that they can actually use whatsapp on their laptops or desktop. Well the truth is yet and unlike GBWhatsapp that is not official, the PC or desktop whatsapp is official.

The developers of whatsapp have also recently release another version of whatsapp which they call Whatsapp for Business. As the name implies, you can only use this whatsapp for business purposes. It’s just like the normal whatsapp but with some advanced added features to promote your business. It’s cool for business. If you’re into business, I urge you to try it out.

However, right from the time whatsapp came out till today, they have been rolling out updates, bringing in new features that makes whatsapp more interesting. Though no matter how interesting it may seem to be, GBWhatsapp seems to have more better mouth watering features. If you want to know About GBWhatsapp, the read GBWhatsapp Latest Version.

There’s one thing about whatsapp that I like. The fact that it is compatible with all mobile smart phones. With this, one will not say that he’s or her phone doesn’t support whatsapp. The reason why I said that is because almost everyone today is using Android. Yeah. I prefer Android phones to any other ones.

With the latest version of whatsapp, you can be able to create groups and customize it to your satisfaction. This is cool. In fact one of the great features I like about whatsapp. The whatsapp group can contain upto 200+ people and I believe it will be increased in the nearest future.

Uptodown Whatsapp

To download the latest version of Uptodown Whatsapp, vist their website HERE.

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