YouTube Vs Topbuzz: Similarities And Differences


YouTube Vs Topbuzz: Similarities And Differences

I can not stop talking about Topbuzz because it’s new and YouTube like with a lot of similarities. Therefore on this post, I will be writing on YouTube Vs Topbuzz including their similarities and differences.

We all know about YouTube, it has been on existence for a long long period of time now unlike Topbuzz which is new. Many people have been asking whether Topbuzz is a scam. Without wasting much time, let me give you a brief introduction about Topbuzz

YouTube Vs Topbuzz

Topbuzz is a media platform located on Asia which is owned by Byte Dance. If you want to know more about Topbuzz, read Tricks on how to make money on Topbuzz. Everything you need to know about Topbuzz is written there.

YouTube Vs Topbuzz: Similarities And Differences

Below are the various YouTube Vs Topbuzz: similarities and differences you should know

Just like YouTube, Topbuzz is a media platform where you can upload videos and GIF’s. The only difference here is that Topbuzz supports articles while YouTube does not except you put it in video format. At least, with this reason Its one way better than YouTube. Those who are not so good at video getting but are going in writing can still make money along with those that can make videos. Please read How To Post Articles On Topbuzz. It will help you.

Both have similar interface. More like a video format stuff. Once you enter, you see feeds of videos Trending and videos of those you are following or subscribed to. So with this, they are both similar. You get to watch videos of those who are you subscribed to. To get more followers on topbuzz, I suggest you read Tricks On How To Get More Followers On Topbuzz. Thank me later.

YouTube Vs Topbuzz are both a money making machine. Meaning that you can make money from both of them. If you want to know how you can make money on Topbuzz please read Tricks on how to make money on Topbuzz. Everything is written there. Just like when someone asked me “How Can I Make Money Without Hustling“. I never knew that people can ask this kind of question but surprisingly they do.

YouTube Vs Topbuzz are similar in the sense that they both run advertisement which in turn pay those whose videos they advertised on. Just like YouTube, you make Money from those advertisements.

YouTube Vs Topbuzz are similar in their payment method. They both pay at the end of the month when you must reached the threshold of $100. Then you get your Topbuzz money after 15 days you have requested it. I suggest you read Topbuzz FAQ, there you will find all those frequently asked questions that have the answers you need.

Another difference between YouTube Vs Topbuzz is that YouTube doesn’t just ban people account. But Topbuzz does. YouTube will give you Atleast 3 warnings before terminating your account but Topbuzz bans your account on the day you request for payment after you have made your $100. When the team will come to review your account, onces they see any violations that is huge, they will just ban your acccout which is so annoying. No wonder people have especially those who have fallen victim to this call Topbuzz a scam.

Another difference is when YouTube terminate your channel, all the information and videos you have on that channel will be gone and deleted but when Topbuzz bans your account, they will not delete your account. As a matter of fact, you cannot delete your Topbuzz account. If you violate any rules and they ban you. You will no longer have access to that account and the stay. Ads will keep running on them just that I don’t know who will receive the payment. This is another reason why people call them scam. They can still make money off your videos if you are banned.

YouTube Vs Topbuzz are similar because they both counts clicks on ads, impressions views etc. The more the views, the more the money. I advice you to read the tricks on how you can increase your topbuzz views. They both regard niche too. There are some niche that pays higher than others. Also they both regards the country which the person on your video is viewing it from. All I can say is that Topbuzz is like YouTube younger brother. They both shares a lot of similarities and differences.

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